Sunday, January 31, 2010


All of the poisonous cockholsters and conniving harlequins - All of the manipulative and selfish, male and female, animal vegetable and mineral.

Thou are no longer welcome in my life,

and if you continue to try and push your way into it

I will burn your world around you. And you will choke on the ashes of your imaginary empire and I will laugh I will dance, and I shall celebrate your passing by pissing active neurotoxins all over the shallow grave you, deposed tyrant of Wonderland, are soon to inhabit.

I am tired of being a toy of fate and bored women. Now is the age of tendons and carbon, the final dream-awake, and the hunger of man.

It is the bleeding day that speaks your name, the daywalker and nightstalker. Armed with vitriol, keyboard and scalpel... I shall excise all the malodorous tumours who have steered me astray and into the hole I have been inhabiting for the past few months.

Let slip the dogs of war.