Friday, March 26, 2010

Will you follow me?

The smell of wet bones in a mass grave, slaked with lime. He surveyed his work - his masterpiece - with it's stretched, hollow parchement skin the colour of dusk over the sea. Her still-warm cheeks were streaked with mascara, and her voice was still pooling on the earth around his ankles. Staining his boots. Clinging.

The hot red mist on the wind had drawn the animals, the scavengers... And the prey whimpered lamely in the glow of his cigarette, while the predator waited for lady time to finish the inextricoble, dripping orchestra that his razorblade had begun some six hours earlier.

It was a gift to her, you see.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

seeds of a storm

so there's this girl yeah yeah

and like

she's a party monster - one woman riot with the eyes of a cat and the smile that could stop a war

but it's not all there, see. She doesn't want anything... doesn't ask for or choke the emotions out of me

. . .

girls are stupid. But this one isnt? Straight a's on the razorblade, and truly refreshing, confident knowledge of one's nature as a drifting mote of thought, caught in flux chaotica.

She knows where she is... She just doesn't know where to go next.

just trapped in the moment - in the shadow of falling leaves, and under mute blue stars. Living for the question, not the answer.

Stunning, as in, stunned me to silence.

Makes my head silly. not gonna play this game again

bring me moar cocaine and put me on a train

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Opiate addicts are the biggest pussies on the planet.

They're all like "I'm gonna take this drug that makes me feel numb inside" and apparently that makes them happy, and once they stop taking it they get all butthurt like "Oh noes. I feel siiiiiiiick" and sit around the house puking and whining and shitting themselves all day.

man up, faggots

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I can do some really weird things while high sometimes...

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Friday, March 19, 2010

internet fads i have recently cashed in on:

damn you, social networking and the incessant pressure of anonymous conversation!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i need enlightenment like I need a hole in the head

nobody *needs* acid

that way lies madness

what you need is the mental, spitirual and emotional therapy that acid shortcuts you through. the same can be found with a couple of close friends you haven't seen in a long time, some cigarettes, wine and a sunset.

the drug is only a vehicle for the lessons we inevitably learn ourselves ones way or the other - a way to smooth out the wrinkles in our theories and distribes, and to give some great theatrical dramatic credence to our wild eyed and raw-nerved deliverences...

i find these days I eat it less often, but more at once with often catastrophically informative results.

tl;dr if youve eaten acid once you probably never need to again but it can be pretty fun anyway.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I have decided to buy an extremely fast motorcycle

In my particular case, a 2009 Ducati Streetfighter w/custom pipes and high-flow airbox. as it is highly likely that I will take it for a 250+ MPH jaunt around the coast and off a limestone cliff into the ocean, I feel it fitting to pass on the basic rules necessary to survive longer then a week of owning such a machine.

I mean, shit, the damn thing looks like its doing ninety just sitting on the showroom floor.

without any further ado - Principles of Speedism as told by Hunter S. Thompson.

No. 1 - Make sure yr. vehicle is Functioning on all Mechanical & Electrical levels. Do not go out on any road to drive Fast unless all yr. exterior lights are working perfectly. There is only failure & jail very soon for anybody who tries to drive fast with one headlight or a broken red taillight. This is automatic, unargueable Probable Cause for a cop to pull you over & check everything in yr. vehicle. You do not want to give them Probable Cause. Check yr. lights, gas gauge, & tire pressure before you drive Anywhere.

No. 2 - Get familiar with the Brake pressures on yr. machine before you drive any faster than 10 mph. A brake drum that locks up the instant you touch the pedal will throw you sideways off the road & put you into a fatal eggbeater, which means you will Go To Trial if it happens. Be very aware of yr. brakes.

No. 3 - Have no small wrecks. If you are going to loop out & hit something, hit it hard. Never mind that old-school Physics bullshit about the Irresistible Force & the Immoveable Object. The main rule of the Highway is that Some Objects are More Moveable than Others. This occurs, for instance, when a speeding vehicle goes straight through a plywood billboard, but not when one goes through a concrete wall. In most cases, the vehicle going fastest sustains less damage than the slower-moving vehicle.

A Small Wreck is almost always both Costly and Embarrassing. I talked to a man tonight who said he had been demoted from Head-waiter to Salad Boy when he had a small wreck in the restaurant's parking lot and lost all respect from his fellow workers. "They laughed at me & called me an Ass," he said. "I should have hit the fucker at seventy-five, instead of just five," he whined. "It cost me $6,800 anyway. I would have been maitre d' by now if I'd screwed it on & just Mashed the bastard. These turds have made me an outcast."

No. 4 - (This is one of the more Advanced rules, but let's pop it in here while we still have space.) Avoid, at all costs, the use of Any drug or drink or Hubris or even Boredom that might cause you to Steal a car & crash it into a concrete wall just to get the Rush of the airbags exploding on you. This new fad among rich teenagers in L.A. is an extremely Advanced Technique that only pure Amateurs should try, and it should never be done Twice. Take my word for it.

No. 5 - The eating schedule should be as follows: Hot fresh spinach, Wellfleet Oysters, and thick slabs of Sourdogh garlic toast with salt & black peepper. Eat this two hours before departure, in quantities as needed. The drink should be Grolsch green beer, a dry oaken-flavored white wine & tall glass full of ice cubes & Royal Salute scotch whiskey, for the supercharge factor.

Strong black coffee should also be sipped while eating, with dark chocolate cake soaked in Grand Marnier for dessert. The smoking of oily hashish is optional and in truth Not Recommended for use before driving at speeds up to 150 mph in residential districts. The smoking of powerful hashish should be saved until after yr. return from the drive, when nerve-ends are crazy & raw.

Bearing these simple truths in mind, I expect you all to go an cash in yr. personal debts, take out a loan from yr. bank and invest in something lightweight, made out of carbon fibre and aluminium and capable of at least 200MPH on the straightaway, going nought to the ton in under four seconds. Avoid passengers & screaming bitches in the passenger seat that will throw out your balance.

essential tech for any aspirin producer

novation X-station 25 w/ableton live 8 firmware flash
beretta 92FS w/hollowpoint FUCKMOTHERS in case of a nigger frontin

Monday, March 8, 2010


goddamn, i'm a glitch phreak

just got a fat load, hot spoons and sharp needles litter the floor

cans around my neck and vinyl between my teeth

vodka dribbling down my chin


goresteppin' razorblades; boombaklaht my main man...

face the music you filthy animals

there was an accident - an experiment - you lost your memory, scans show deep fragmentation and heavy corruption in the sine banks

DSPs are outputting solid noise to the voice coils

disconnect immediately to avoid serious damage to peripheral sensory nervous system

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Guess I got my groove back...

And just like that, I found my energy. I think I know what's been going wrong, and I've already stepped up a notch.

The loss of my CDs is a setback, but a necessary one. Means I have to rebuild from scratch, but I'll be a lot more discerning about what's in my box. A chance to revamp my style, refresh my setlist and kick new brutal jams.

The weird kicked me down, but I cannot me held. The fear slowed me down, but I cannot be stopped.

I am the irresistable force - the future manifest - Deliver me from peace and march on my eardrum.

The tattoo on my spine will read: "This way to sanctuary."

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Bitter End

Just lost 2 years worth of collecting rare psy when my CDs were taken in a burglary.

Please god, take me quietly.
Please god, spare my family
Fuck this sin, I just want sleep...
Just want to forget how to breathe...

I'm sorry. I can't do this any more.

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