Saturday, September 11, 2010

I think it just got weird enough.

there is a fairly reasonable chance that within the next six hours I am going to die. Circumstances are rather outside my control at this point, but I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve I'm going to try and pull.

But if I'm not smart enough, or quick enough, or lucky enough this time to scrape through...

know only that if it weren't for you and the effect you have on my life to date; I would probably have died a long time ago a dozen times over. I always wanted to protect you, but so often it seemed like you were the one protecting me, usually from myself.

But it looks like it's for real, this time.

I will face my destiny the way I have always striven to - Eyes up, with the faith and dedication of self; the constant drive to make you proud, but most importantly; to stare down the barrel of the universe with no fear or doubt in my mind that I gave it everything I could. For you.

Fear is the mind killer.

And on my headstone they will chisel my blood oath;

Vivo vixi victum; avo comperio; sans meteus


Adam O'Grady said...

Such a man cannot die for two reasons. For even as his body rejoins the Earth from whence it came, his spirit and memory will reside in his family (both of blood and of choice), his acquaintances and his enemies.

Secondly, I still need to catch up with you for a beer. You're not allowed to die when there's still something that important waiting to happen.

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