Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lucy raped me, Dimitri put me back together.

drum beat
drum beat
drum beat

recognise reality - Distinguish it form dreams. Put your head under the water until your vision goes black - And wait for the fragments of discorporeal dimensions to boil off in your eyesight. There's an inexpicable sense of belonging that comes with death - There's a familiar fear, a deep-seated grinding anxiety that you've known all your life. Then when you hit it, life is warm but the world is cold. It shuts you out. Cuts you down.

Standing on hot coals, the blind man asks for the time. He wants to know how much longer until the ghosts go to sleep.

Senseless from birth, he plots and wonders what vision must be like. Unable to comprehend colour, depth or shadow, he lives in a world of his own imagination. No other soul can possibly decipher his thoughts or memories, what he 'sees' in his minds eye. What happens when some fluke or chance,, some moment of nature, some divine truth reaches down and taps him on the optic nerve and says "Let there be light." ?

In that brief instance his world is deconstructed. Every mental image he ever had, every colelction of thoughts, every tied and related picture/pattern he stores in his memory is torn to pieces and strewn to the stars. His mind was lying to him, you see, and he now spies the universe in its true form.

This has a point, never fear, and a paralell.

For we are all blind from birth. We percieve - But we do not see. Out mind filters these images and sends feedback, lies, interpretations of the signal to make it easier for the concious mind to understand. There are those, however, who step out into the bitter universe and strip away the subjective babble, who burn off the curtains of conciousness and allow their mind to explore space, time and the universe as one.

They are the Psychonauts. And we are awake.