I hate ravers. With a passion, mostly. There are a number of notable exceptions, but by and alrge, raving is an elitist fag culture where everyone has synchronised epileptic fits and masturbates for twelve hours straight munching mouthfuls of speed, piperazines and ketamine masquerading as MDMA. They all seem to be about who's the best dancer, who's the best looking, who has the best pills, who can eat the most bikkies, who can be the biggest douchebag... Fuck ravers. This doctor is DOOF POWERED.

aaaaaanyway, back to the original topic. I so painfully often hear people complaining that they had a 'smacky pill'. This is wrong. Nine times out of ten, they just had a good pill. The problem is that everyone is so used to dropping meth bombs that if their bikkies doesn't have them PINGING LIKE MAD ARGH ARGH ARGH GURN GURN BROWNIAN MOTION ON A UNIVERSAL SCALE KAPOWWWWW FWOOOOOSHING then they automatically assume that it's somehow a bad pill.

newsflash, fuckheads: MDMA is only a mild stimulant. A bulk dose of molly should have you glued to your chair, or melting into puddles and rolling around the dancefloor like ice cream in the sun. You should be tranquil, empathic, feeling the world rush up to meet you and the sky splitting over your head as god himself reaches down to give you a pat on the pack.

Nobody puts heroin in pills. If you swallow scag, you tend to PUKE FUCKING BALLS for about an hour or so. And all the synthetic oral opiates, are either a) worth more per mg then MDMA, or not potent enough to get a good dose into one pill. So nobody bothers. Likewise, you don't get 'coke based pills', as cocaine doesn't fair too well under hot acid reflux, like in say, your stomach. I've seen a lot of those EZ-test kits give positive responses for cocaine, but then when you slap it into the GCMS, it turns out to be procaine or some equally inert tropane alkaloid... The only time I've actually seen coke in a pill was just because a guy had gotten his white powders mixed up when filling the press.

The closest you'll get to a 'smacky' pill are k-bombs, which are pretty fucking sick in my opinion, but once again, not cost effective to put a decent recreational dose in the pill.

When someone offers to sell you a 'triple stack' or whatever, slap them in the face. Double, triple and quad stacked pills are just a marketing gimmick - It's all the fucking saaaaaaaaaame...

If you call yourself a raver, you need to grow the fuck up. By all means, go to raves if you enjoy it... But don't define yourself by the crowd you hang out with. And try to LEARN SOMETHING about the pills you're taking.