Wednesday, January 14, 2009

refLECT..IO??? /N. [experiments in languid language]

debate incipity against youthful exuberance; genocide against the argument of historically-established reasoning. when do jews stop being jews? when do nazis stop being nazis? When do they become the same thing? What maketh intolerance, what constructs xenophobia?

these are not questions I would pretend to know the answers to; givent hat I am neither old, young, jew nor nazi. A good friend of mine went to the doctor to get a physical. Att he end of it, the good doctor informed him "Mr. Peterson; I'm afraid you are colourblind." My friend Jack looked a little shaken, and exclaimed: "Shit, I hope none of my friends are niggers!"

Right now, I've god a bad case of the wibblety/wobbleties, bubbly funky morning music is dribbling out of the subwoofer horns and condensing on my eardrums - Warm, slimy wet tones that lurk in the lower registers of human hearing, occasionally dragged out via the constructive interference of more square-edged or sawtooth high tones - We drip to the beat and buzz to syncopate.

Morning psytrance is lovely. Everyone should wake up to the sight of a purple cheshire cat grinning in the sunrise light.

Mother always told me never to eat the cat; but then again, she also said "Don't ever lick anything at a Dead show", and yet, here I am today, dipping chupa-chups in liquid LSD and dispensing them to toddlers...

fucking wibblety-wobbleties.


Nooor said...
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Nooor said...

Wow, you're just...amazing

My boyfriend is wondering how on earth can you keep up with a train of thought like his
without taking in massive amounts of hallucinogen?