Sunday, March 29, 2009


I've been taking acid on a regular basis (say, once a week or once a fortnight) for the past year and before that every month or so for the past two years.

Two nights ago I ingested approximately 1200ug of LSD in an ethanolic aqueous solution. The dropper bottle was quanted at 150ug/drop. I started with two drops to get a feel for it and within half an hour was having a bloody fantastic time. I felt molten, liquid and gooey. Colours morphing, tracers, the usual medium-strength trip effects. But, y'know, I had a whole vial left, so I took another drop. Things improved within 15min witht the addition of heavily brathing and warping floorboards and walls. I conferred with my trip partner and decided to get a bit silly (had final exam that day, wanted to celebrate). Five more drops. Got a phone call from a friend asking if I had any acid. Agreed to meet at the shops down the street, made him up a couple of cubes, two drops on each. Five minute walk. The deal is done, I have a toke of the shisha they have bubbling away in their car and start walking back. It is only after I realise I have been walking for a good half hour that I remember where i was going. My entire world is made up of geometric impossibilities, four dimension hapes crafted out of lasers, great nets of colours that don't even exist. Auditory hallucinations reminiscent of strong DMT trips. I pause, get my bearings and manage to make it back into the house. Getting the feeling that things are about to get very weird. Inside, put on my Hendrix collection onto the big speakers and collapse onto the floor with a blanket. Do not move for approximately 12 hours.

Anyone who thinks LSD should be illegal needs to be shot in the head.


Nooor said...

Wow, give me some.

Grace said...

at three you described the most i've ever felt.
5 more, why not.

I love you. Please survive.

madhattersyndrome said...

I agree acid should never be illegal.

However, something about the quantities you're taking, and more frightening, the frequency...
Well, something in me kind of warped a little, something like my view of you.

A little less than what I thought.

Let me hear the words, fuck reality, fuck spiritualality, fuck my mind.

You said every bit of knowledge was worth it, I remember this clearly.

madhattersyndrome said...
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stupid noob said...

You people crack me up. He will be just fine. LSD has the best safety profile you can ask for with a drug. Even the over the counter drugs you people use for headaches are more dangerous than LSD. Wake up. And as for madhatter, I think that the respect of someone who is obviously so close minded isn't much of a loss huh? I suggest you go do some research before you stick your foot in your mouth again, because if anything you are destroying peoples respect for YOU with such blatantly ignorant comments.

benjamin said...
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Grace said...

Oh dear.
I think it was the same cat.
That means they changed something.

`:who bothered to hack our world?:`

I strongly suggest we get on to making that 'required reading' list we talked about and ensure it is completed by anyone wishing to join our conversations. Or rig people's firewalls to actually go up in flames when they say something irreferenceable.