Thursday, March 25, 2010

seeds of a storm

so there's this girl yeah yeah

and like

she's a party monster - one woman riot with the eyes of a cat and the smile that could stop a war

but it's not all there, see. She doesn't want anything... doesn't ask for or choke the emotions out of me

. . .

girls are stupid. But this one isnt? Straight a's on the razorblade, and truly refreshing, confident knowledge of one's nature as a drifting mote of thought, caught in flux chaotica.

She knows where she is... She just doesn't know where to go next.

just trapped in the moment - in the shadow of falling leaves, and under mute blue stars. Living for the question, not the answer.

Stunning, as in, stunned me to silence.

Makes my head silly. not gonna play this game again

bring me moar cocaine and put me on a train

:/remote data transmission received from field transponder [ergo_tel]

1 comment:

paradox said...

Oh deary me ...
You lose your heart like a child loses buttons