Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Buzz buzz, motherfuckers.

instinct: bees are bad. knowledge: honey is good

instinct vs knowledge decries the basic human struggle. We know it is bad to rape the defenseless young girl while she walks alone at night, but instinct wishes it. We know it is bad to invade that country for it's oil money, but instinct is greedy, and money is money.

Sometimes there is only a modicum of instinct, and we are forces to rely on knowledge. we know there should be a higgs boson, but damned if we can find it.

instinct: being happy is good. knowledge: meth is bad

instinct vs knowledge is the root of all suffering. Animal vs man, feeling vs thought. Heart vs head. the blood that pumps wrapped/rapt by the nerves which pulse. see the pun?

or does the pun see you?

instinct vs knowledge. instinct: I sound like a madman, raving wildy. knowledge: I am a madman, raving wildly.

Of course, it makes sense to me. But isn't that the crux of it? The true madman is the one who understands that he acts in a manner contrary to all reason, and yet continues to do so.

Instinct suggests that cooking illegal drugs is a bad idea. Knowledge argues that If I'm smart enough to cook, I should be smart enough not to get caught. Practice, so far, has suggested the latter to be accurate, but the future holds much and I am only young.

look at every 'evil' man you can - They all have one things in common - they act on human instinct (note; not animal instinct. human instincts are greedy, hedonistic and selfish rather then raw catecholamine flushes of the animal fight-or-flight instincts) - xenophobia, lust, greed and intolerance. They see something strange, they want to kill it. They see a girl they want, and they take her. They want money, and they trample others to get it.

from this, we can derive that knowledge - the application of rational thought, control and empathy - decries a base intelligence uncommon to most people. No self-rationalising 'intelligent' sentient being could condone taking the life of another indiscriminately. Imagine what you have accomplished in your lifespan. What have they done? you have no idea. What will you do for the rest of your life? They have no idea. neither of you can kill the other with any real conviction; [i]unless[/i] the other poses a direct threat to your continued existence - Because, elt's face it. Being selfish isn't evil. Self preservation isn't evil. it might be narrow minded, and an automatic violent response might be reactioanry and not the best course of action - but anyone who says violence doesn't solve anything clearly wasn't trying hard enough.

So bring your spoon and spike. Sit on a park bench beside me. We'll share a cigarette, spit heroin and be mad together.

[i]Bring back the bees! [/i]

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