A thousand years ago, deep in the darkest jungles of the Amazon, the ancient Incas discovered a mystical vine. They brew up a sacred, psychoactive, hallucinogenic drink - the holy Ayahuasca.

You enter a special, magical dimension. The dimension of the spirit world.
The drink takes you on a journey of inner discovery. You enter a special, magical dimension. The dimension of the spirit world.

Depending on how good your contact is, quality can range from stringy brown bark to blood red resin to white needle-like shards. Administration is your choice - Insufflation isn't as bad as some of it's phenethylamine cousins, but it's still pretty rough. Oral activity is slim to nil without a companion to hold back the bouncers while he goes through and causes havoc. And uptake on intravenous is so potent that unless you're dealing with optically pure analytical samples, you're probably going to die...

So, for the best compromise between comfort, bioavailability, and safety, we like to pip that shit. Now, personally, I prefer an electric vaporiser with a large plastic collection bag, but more commonly and more portably you'll just crack back that shit in a rose or oil pipe.

I still remember the very first time I smoked DMT.

The taste is like burning plastic, a little, and like chocolate, a little. It's not entirely unpleasant but it iss completely distinct, and memorable. For days afterwards you'll get flashes of the smell which will bring the rush of fear and glory and a few seconds of racing heartbeat.

Lie down in the undergrowth when you take the hit. You want nature around you, lots of intricate detail and things to loop out and warp and fractalise. Take the hit. Hold it. Hooooooooooold it. Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooold it. It's usually not too harsh, but you have got to hold that shit in as long as possible. Fight oxygen. oxygen is your foe and the smoke is jesus christ our saviour. Do not let him go until you keel over backwards.

Drugs have changed our lives, man. Drugs and computers are probably the two most important developments of our time. Drugs and computers, they're the language of the future.

You'll feel when it comes on, and you'll probably lost control of yourself. Ever tried nitrous? Salvia? The come-up is a similar timing. Now, I don't mean, have you ever smoked a bowl of 5x salvia extract when you didn't want to get caught smoking weed. I mean, have you ever vaporised a few nuggets of 25X extract and taken the biggest lungful you could and held it for a long fucking time. You'll know if you have. They call it 'breaking through', and much like with salvia, breaking through on DMT is a very special day. it's like your re-birthday. The first time you do acid. The first time you break through on DMT. These are important milestones in your mental development.

Your arm and legs will feel warm and soft. You'll try to sit up and your head will spin. Your muscles will contract and your toes will cramp up. This is going to happen in about... two seconds. it will feel like minutes.

And then you will be high for the next two days. Subjectively, that is. For ten years you will have endless hallucinations... rainbow-bricked paths to and from sanity, deconstructing your mysticism, laying to waste your ego and preconcieved personality and revealing your soul for who you really are. if you really want to test your relationship with someone, go smoke DMT with them and try to remember what you see and say.

It is impossible to describe what you will see. DMT strips bare the human mind and produces a mathematical precision in the chaos. It finds form and logic from emotion. And then it takes that logic and shits all over it, and then it skullfucks you with crazy. I have been to worlds entirely populated by strange mechanical elves, I have had my room dissolve into a candyland fantasy and been set upon by great sentient gummi bears. I have seen the universe rush up to greet me, a surging wave of darkness and stars, that forced it' way inside my ears and squeezed my brain until I exploded in a brillitant lancing moment of colour and sound.

Five to ten minutes later, depending on how much you smoked, you'll be sober enough to speak. Twenty minutes later you should be able to drive.

It will change your life.