i am the sharp tip of the world's claw - must look the part. it is a terrible insult to kill someone while poorly dressed. Look like a weapon, look like the law of the land. law of the jungle. Look the part, watch the crowd. Uniforms are a red rag to bombers and dissidents, avoid them. Know that the green will bring 'em on us.Fuck the politicians. The economists. The daily grind commuters, office workers, hard day at the salt mines eh comrade? Fuck you, your nerves aren't as ragged as this soldier.

The weather takes a turn towards winter (in november). It feels like everybody's got a chip on their shoulder. What if today's the day my luck leaves me? Normally... Normally I'm bulletproof. So why should it be different this evening?

These days, I think that every night, as I lay in bed and hide from the storms. It's sunny outside, but I can hear the lightning.

but still they come. still they line up, outstretched palm and clenched teeth that are tightening screws. to control what we see. What we say. this is what the bastards are making us do.

alone except for these tablets that go straight to my head, and jump on, holding the scruff of the neck of the country, so much blood. Police checkpoint is deep in guns, bristles with overpowered underinformed outsourced psychopaths with a scrap of shiny tin and a chunk of black steel. to hear their requests and cries denied, for peace, for bliss... You could almost believe them. Almost. if we had peace they wouldn't have a job. What we call peacekeepers are more accurately called peace modulators. They keep the peace where there are lots of cameras - And make war in the dark corners.

I hate the fucking look in their eye

i don't wanna live like this.

This great southern land - we'll let you in, but not your wife and kids, who may or may not aspire to be martyrs. the state clamps down hard nontheless - No labour potential out of them you see, and the kid will cost tax money to put through school. You, though. You can drive a taxi. We can use you.

pre-emption is self defence, live rounds are deterrence and local residents... collateral.

and even the children throw stones
that's why I can't wait to go home.

skin burnt raw, they still build fences while their families wait somewhere off the coast.