Friday, October 9, 2009

Welcome to the apocalypse.

Crashing realities from an unexpected source - You are being used, and you are loving it because you hate yourself.

The drugs are only half the problem. Instead of just stopping taking them, why not try and stop what makes you take them?

systems check;; on point at a hundred percent

atomic batteries to power. turbines full ahead; attack wombs ready.

headcleanse, w-w-w-w-ipeout!

moving out of home, finally. see how it goes. will probably be back in less then a month... who knows...

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Miss Bailey said...

Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye last night or hang out much or anything. caitlyn was having a crisis and told josh and I we were going or not getting a lift so we kinda had to bail.
We should ORGANISE a night in which we can chill, take some acid and relax. I want tak and josh and you to come chill with me like, maybe at caitlyns or something. We can go for walks and you can think I'm profound. =P