Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ITT, we change the world.

Understand, now, that we stand on the precipice of a world aflame. Where society is soaked in gasoline, and we, the citizens, are all holding a precariously-balanced source of ignition, that devious spark that most of us call an opinion.

Unfortunately, a lot of very stupid, narrow-minded an ignorant fucks have an opinion which they are forcing onto even more gullible fucks desperate for direction. Case in point?

That fat fuck is brainwashing millions of soccer moms and religious zealots with flat-out lies, half-truths and deceptions - Not even a real doctor.

people like this are destroying the planet.

Now, I'm not saying that kid was in the right. he wasn't. he was a fucking muppet, smoking salvia because "He was bored". When children that young try to get into psychedelics, they need to be very carefulyl and slowly amalgamated into a state of greater understanding through meditation and introspective discussion before they even think about taking the drug... it's a good thing that his mother tried it too, before allowing her son to continue, but she was a weak-minded individual letting her douchebag kid steamroller for cheaps highs and TOTALLY MISSING THE POINT of the divine mint.

End ignorance. Educate thineself.


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nicotene.razorblade said...

Why did the good governator go across the street from the hotel LAST NIGHT to purchase some salvia? :S
Oh dear... drug addicted diplomats NEXT on sick sad world...