Thursday, November 20, 2008

jericho burning.

Moments in time crinkle and dance. The karmic wheel turns ever onwards, inorexably, unstoppable. The irresistible force and the irresistable woman. My hands are broken and my lips are dry. My skin is tingling and my eyes are numb. This is beyond intoxication. This is the taste of hot copper in the air, and the blinding light in her eyes. When you can touch the universe but cannot become one - When events conspire to shrivel your heart and drain you of all but bitter miserdom - Remember that the base state of the universe is one of transquility. Despite how chaotic you may feel, despite what the negatives may be, there is an equal proportion of positives. Of matter. Of good to match the evil; and produce... what, exactly? positron and electron annihilate to produce energy. Good and evil couple to form... Enlightenment. When you reach that state of understanding when you can finally grasp that nothing happens by chance, and that everything is predetermined. That is when you realise that nothing's changed - Things were always like this. Nothing was good, nothing was bad, everything simply was. This is the Istigkeit. The orbit of worlds around two people because they are all that exist. Lightning splits the sky and unites ozone, draws current so quickly and traces back upwards, so all we see is the after-effects. That's how these things work. You never know the first strike. You only feel it when it starts to leave you, and you realise - No, wait. I need you. I can't be without you. Then the current surges and every neuron in your body fires and for the first time in so long, you can feel again.

My angel. My serenity. Never falter, never slip. Forget the past, because the present is all you can affect, and even then, anything you can do to change your path, you've already done. Nothing else matters but this white-hot moment when we come together, at long last, and the seas bil around us. When a thousand people stop and stare. When the earthquakes shake the planet to dust and the man in his armchair, blinks a little, and continues eating breakfast. Take my hand and join me in the universe.

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the Fittest said...

you see what i see
exept i didn't have to ask the question, i was happy to accept that all just was from word go.