Sunday, November 16, 2008

Let Spirits Dream

I've been doing acid for a while now, but for the first time last night, I really felt what it was all about.

No coincidence that last night was the first oppurtunity to go as hard at it as I've always wanted to, but [i]holy fuck[/i]... This world, and everything in it... Psychedelics are the most important thing we have. The most dangerous weapon in our arsenal. The one tool with the potential to change the world, if only applied in the right way. We spend billions of dollars exploring the farthest reaches of space when we know so little about the glowing universe that hides between our ears. When xenophobia and baseless, abstract religious fear, corrupted from its pure do-unto-others roots into some bizarre form of cryptopsychology, seems solely designed to alienate and standardise, to shape living flesh into cold marble until every thinking, breathing individual stands alone in a room full of people who look and think, exactly the same. To flatten out those peaks in humanity, the spikes on the mass spec, the individual points of reason, truth and logic. Those glorious moments of humanity.

There has to be some reason why [i]that[/i] particular iteration of experiment was spilt on his hand. Maybe they all were and the 25th was the only active variation, I don't know. But... There is poetry hidden in that molecule. The way that the aromatic pi electrons are conjugated all the way up to the carboxyl group of the amide function... This keto-enol tautomerism is more then simple chance. This is, for me, the first evidence of something else. of something intelligent on a much grander scale then anything we have ever before comprehended, contemplated, or theorised. Our receptors are doors with many-faceted locks, where many different keys will open the door in many different ways. it will always swing on the same hinges, but depending on which pins are engaged by which key, an entirely different world will be waiting on the other side. LSD is a nightingale key. With spiderweb teeth, scant angstroms in length to twitch and tick across the warm wet surface of space and reality.

Open your third eye. Stare into the darkness, and wait for it to blink.

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