Thursday, November 20, 2008

Language of the Future

I have come to recognise not a single 'god' so much as the occaional concious resolution of the universe condescending to speak in a way I can understand; a great alien buddha constructed of light who cried the song of dying swans in my ear.

You see I believe now that God is nothing. Not a single thing that really 'exists' in the sense we think of. There wasn't even a voice of god but rather a direction communication of information.

I'm almost inclined to say that information is indeed an aspect of God.

Data being the subjective interpretation of charmed quarks, without fermions to exert a force we are left with a wholly theoretical medium through which we transmit information - The vibration of air as sound, the flip of a magnetic particle, the pulse of a photon - These are merely mediums for data. The raw meme, the pure information, is utterly intangible everywhere except the human mind - The brain alone can condense these meaningless jabbers of energy into coherent, interpretable signal.

Though it doesn't really explain the presence of the archetypes. We don't really receive that information, it's inherent.

Why? It seems suspicious that the potential for creative thought is just an accident in the universe.

Creative thought, I fear, is an illusion. Everything that can posisbly happen, already has. It is happening right now, in an infinite number of split infinities. Under quantum uncertainty, we cannot know the future until we experience it - Making it the present. And until we experience it, we cannot derive what has happened. So therefore, we must assume everything has happened.

Nothing is your choice, everything is pre-determined. Free your mind by accepting blind chaos as your rudder in life.

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