Thursday, November 12, 2009

raise your hand if you think my brother is a total tool

he's just so fucking jealous that despite all his musical aspirations and attempts - you know, like failing tafe and never getting anything published or any paying gigs or anything - I got into electronic music production and performance maybe six months ago? As opposed to his three or four years, professional coaching at how to write and compose, use DAWs and that - And I'm already touring to melbourne in two months, play regular paid gigs at clubs, raves and doofs - and he had to pay out of his own pocket to get 500 copies of his album stamped and burnt commercially and he can't even give them away. because they're shit.

being a 'musician' was all he had - all that made him 'special', it was how he defined himself. Because his personality certainly wasn't the drawing factor - He's an arrogant, overopinionated underinformed dickpot with a shitty job and no class or culture despite his attempts to dress like a victorian gentleman.

NEWSFLASH - velvet overcoats in summer just make you look retarded, you cockholster.

he seems to think that jsut because my life is better then his, that it is his god given right to fuck with it, just so i can be equally unhappy. he has the nerve to ask me to go to forestfield to pick up my leather jacket from a friend i lent it to so he can wear it out that night, when he won't even leave his chair for fifteen seconds so i can copy some files onto my external hdd.

i've listened to his 'friends' have forty-five minute bitch sessions about him

his ex girlfriends lamenting that they dated him and telling me how I should have been a few years older so they could have gotten with the cool brother

he has the nerve to call me the most selfish person he's ever met, and claim that i've done nothing for him

when every time he's ever needed me, I've been there.

he's the main reason I can't fucking stand living at home. he's a pathetic, two-faced, shallow human being who spends all his time a) working a dead end job, or b) on the computer.

i find it endlessly amusing

that every person who has spent time with us both, even his old, old friends he used to rave and party with and shit back in centrals

say exactly the same fucking thing

"you're like your brother, except I actually enjoy hanging out with you"


Paranoid Android said...

Nah your brothers pretty cool.

kesaven guptha said...
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Miss Bailey said...

baha. lol
YES, why couldn't you have been a few years older so I could have dated the kool brother.
Maybe I should say something next time I see him... something along the lines of... "btw oh em gee, your brothers fucking awesome... we hangz out all t3h timez, lolololol..." =P