Sunday, November 29, 2009

ups downs and all-arounds

the ups are mostly about ten minutes long and consist of static silence, drowning out the world with the sound of crisp tobacco burning.

All them backstabbing foes
Standing in my way, always stepping on my toes
Stealing my style even wearing my clothes
Fuck all them haters, fuck all them hoes

work smarter, not harder. I can't force this issue because it will only push it further away. i need to entice, make a comfortable spot for the plan to slip into and let the chips fall where they're going to

i've got no cash - no product - no cards up my sleeve. All I've got is wit and bluff and the balls to do whatever I have to, to make it...

SN, you have always been one of my guiding influences. Thankyou for helping me wake up to myself.


stupid noob said...

Sometimes good people make stupid mistakes. It's ok. When it's not ok is when you don't learn and you continue the negative behavior. Make sure you don't forget, and slip back in to unhealthy thought patterns. I've always thought you were a good dude, and still do. I would say I hope you figure things out, but that implies uncertainty. I know you will figure things out and grow as a person from this experience. Be strong, and be safe, brother, you'll get through all this and come out the other side with a clear head. Also, I like the bit about a comfortable spot for the plan to slip in to.

Inci said...

6. How a Prince Must Act in Order to Gain Reputation and How Flatterers Must Be Shunned
"When it happens that some one does something extraordinary, either good or evil, in civil life, he must find such means of rewarding or punishing him which will be talked about."

"A prince, therefore, ought always to take counsel, but only when he wishes, not when others wish"

- Machiavelli, 'The Prince'.