Monday, November 2, 2009

when I cough...

... I can feel pieces of lungmeat rattling around loose.

think i'm ready to die hey

no loss. i've kind of wasted this life anyway. ninteen years of oxygen consumed, and what do I have to show for it? apparently I'm losing my mind according to those around me.

I don't think I'm so much losing my mind as the real world is losing it's grip on me

the ground falls away

replaced with blackness that creeps up my boots

and tugs at my laces

notsomuch swallowing or sinking as simply... reclaiming


Pandemonium_of_the_bete_noire said...

Hang in there man... You'll find situations like these soon show a brighter end...

What you doing these days man? Should catch up sometime. Send us a message if your interested

Pretty Hips. said...

And a man of your worth, leaving the world so soon?

Oh, and, you do indeed have something to show for it. You write A LOT.