Monday, November 2, 2009

von neumann's regret

it's gotten to the point whether I don't know if I should 'flush with milk' or 'induce vomiting' - daypoison twitches inside my monitor, a kind of viral haemorrhagic rhythm that I can feel burrowing into my bones and pissing protein toxins all over my hope for the future.

systems failure - please reinstall optimism with patch 1.1 Morphine Drip and sublethal pancuronium spinal pump.

disconnect brainstem; free thought no longer necessary - every option, every choice, every failure of chance and reason winds up in the same empty fucking bed.

trackmarks, backtrack your way down the breadcrumb trail of scars and rough keloid expression to pure, perfect, beige happiness

rememebr the warmth? yeah, yeah

remember the itch? the nausea? remember the quiet?

no, you don't remember anything. you don't remember pissing yourself on the couch. don't remember how the coffee table got broken, or your hand - but you think they're probably somehow connected.

valium bible, opana pillow

heroin headlock

filling your lungs

with sand.

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