Thursday, February 12, 2009

Creme > CREAM

I was standing in the station
being pounded by the rain
so I chose the last compartment
of a stationary train
I felt someone get in behind me
but I never caught their eye
but I thought I heard I heard a woman's voice
whispering goodbye

So I lay down in the darkness
with the beer and coffee stains
and I stared out at the thunder
through the broken window panes
And although the storm was booming
like an engine in the sky
I'm sure I heard a woman's voice cry

So I rolled myself a cigarette
and smoked it on my own
but it didn't stop the whispers
or the smell of her cologne
Then she rose up out of nowhere
and her hair was full of steam
and she stuck her head out the window
and screamed and screamed, she screamed!

So I picked up an old newspaper to read
and I noticed something very strange indeed
So I looked a little closer
and it chilled me to the bone
"Woman throws herself from speeding train,
identity unknown"
But I recognized the picture of the woman who was dead
and underneath the picture it said



Pandemonium_of_the_bete_noire said...

it was a simple jest that left her feeling chilly in the wind,
a brush of your hand upon her cheek,
To jump,
to sacrifice,
to be human.

Great images of silence haunt me in the visible darkness bowed in unseen stone.
It is a thousand years and all are one; great rocks of silence lie upon my tongue and idols carved by no man rule this cave.

Ah into what silence our fear ran; man with his woman fled from woman and man into the untenanted hollow of this cave.

Who was left alive?
Is there a world alive?

Nooor said...

Wow this is good.

Why did you stop blogging all of a sudden? I really enjoy your posts and you've really got a way with words.

Write some more please :)