Tuesday, February 24, 2009


it is a strange thing to look down at one's hands; clutching a teacup of scalding lapsang souchong, and to see the grey, slightly webbed gecko-like digits of a chronicled bradburian martian emerging form your sleeves. Stranger still to hear blues harmonica, played across tinny coffeeshop speakers, to take on that eerie harmony you generally only find at the utter depths of a nitrous binge. I don't know if I'm alone there, but I have increidble auditory hallucinations from nitrous.

And here they were again, dancing around with the steam and cigarette smoke while the businessmen around us drank double-espresso lattes and folded their D&G sunglasses conservatorially so as not to scratch the polymer lenses against the gritty faux-marble table surface.

[i]If you can afford an $80k mercedes, you can afford a coffee machine for your house you arrogant, loud prick[/i]

Things weren't quite out of control so much as beyond reason. None of us were wigging, nor acting particularly suspicious - Though we were all clearly [i]very[/i] insane (in this case precipitated by sublingual administration of 12.5mg DOI and 15mg 5-MeO-dmt by way of a morning cigarette), we were all talking coherently, and though agitatedly about seemingly trivial things (And I quote: "God [i]dammit![/i] I spilt something on my... Something!")

I worked my way through has browns and chipolatas that melted with rainbow grease-spots caught in perpetual flux; before my colleague remarked about how the cultural imprisonment of the common man has weakened the desire to publicly incite dissent, and proved his point by hurling tomatoes at passing cars. I conceded the point, paid our bill and departed at haste.

I miss my youth. I miss being a highschool wearing fishnet armwarmers and scrawling anarchy logos on my books and school buildings. partially because loathe as I am to admit it, I look [i]damn[/i] fine in skinnyleg jeans, but moreso because for the past few years I have felt nothing but fear for the police. Fear that I would be searched, raided, surveilled, pursued, hounded etc. etc. - but when I was a kid, graf-bombing local advertising outlets, I had nothing but contempt for those jupped up pieces of frogshit with an arbitrarily determined scrap of authority that proves nothing more then that they stuck through six months of hippy-kicking lessons.

... Well, that'a bit of an exaggeration, but the bottom line is that whilst I have nothing but the highest respect for those in the line of the law who are out there, keeping the bastards honest and putting behind bars the sick fucks, the murders, the muggers, the crackwit gobshites who bash 'faggots'... By all means. Shit on them.

but it's you overzealous underinformed smallminded bigoted tinydicked pompous pricks


That make me want to get down on a protest line with my steelcaps and molotovs. And I think I will.

Oh, and I'd like to leave you with a quote from a [i]fifteen[/i] year old girl I am currently training as my alchemical apprentice - It's quite scary, her skin is like milk and she's about nineteen times more intelligent then I am.

"Some people were saying that the universe was like an endlessly repeating set of dodecahedrons, which would make the universe only about 70billion light years across. But others are saying that if that were the case they'd find patterns of matching circles in the microwave background around the identical fluctuations. But the papers I read conclude from Friedmann equations that the omega parameter is equal to 1.013, and if it has a value greater or less than one then one would have to consider the universe to be curved, other studies have said that it's somewhere between 1.00 and 1.04. If it is 1.00 then that would mean that the universe is infinite... Now of course I know that the theory of cosmic inflation explains how our universe can appear homogeneous and isotropic if it's omega parameter shows a curve but I don't see how something that is infinite can't exponentialy expand, atleast it doesn't make sense to me that it could, and it seems more likely that our universe is infact finite, in an infinite space.

If the universe was an endlessly repeating set of dodecahedrons, they reckon they'd have a surface of 12 identical pentagons, that of course would mean that if you exited the universe some how you would re-enter the universe through the opposite face which would make you meet the same galaxies over and over again, thus, an infinite loop... acid loops on a universal scale..."

Szolem, you have a lot to answer for.

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Nooor said...

Fishnets? on a guy? that's new...
But yes everyone misses highschool.

Fear of the cops.
Cops are fucking racist here in the states, always going for the people that stand out- for the people that are different. Cops here are all fat and slow, and so as long as you don't look at them they won't suspect anything.

Maybe it's easier for a woman when it comes to the cops. Shed a few tears and wail and they'll be dying to just get away, shut you up. And I suppose fishnets are a good way for getting the cops to have mercy on you. Only kidding, don't get offended.

Really though this post was fun to read, thanks :)