Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wet man, electric sheep.

People are scum.

People are beauty.

People kill people, and people raise children. People travel to the moon, and people poison the planet earth. People care for the elderly and people rape the young in dark alleys. people write poetry, and people fight wars. People love. People think. People hate and react and burn down what they don't understand. People are all fucked up on dangerously experimental designer drugs.

I am people. You are people. We are people.

I will understand people if it is the last goddamn thing I do.


Pocket Mouse said...

People do what they do because they think it will save them. As if happiness can't be achieved until their Big Fat Checklist of Things To Do has been ticked off. It's in our nature to be discontent with the present; to want to be somewhere else. In a way, I think we make ourselves unhappy because life is easier to deal with that way. And instead of sitting down and having a good long think about why we've decided now is not as good a time as any to be happy, we stab in the dark and think up some external reason we can't enjoy our lives. Because then we're working towards something, and it no longer matters that we're fucked up now, because when whatever magical goal we've given ourself is fulfilled, everything will be perfect.
I'd like to think this helps, but I'm probably just telling you what you already know.
Good luck.

madhattersyndrome said...

There are too many people who are in the strange belief that if there was no pain, everyone would be happy. That would be bullshit.
Not to mention the huge population issue, (No death, since it causes pain).
It is possible to be without pain, because there's always going to be jealousy. Or, if everyone always got what they wanted, what would happen to economics? Wouldn't some people wish for death on others?
It would be madness.
And so, people always have to cause pain. And shit, if it doesn't make things so much more interesting!

They don't like to dwell on what would actually happen if there was no pain, though, because... It causes them pain.

nicotene.razorblade said...

Shit, doesn't it make us creatures, so much more interesting indeed.
i'm going to split the skull, and fuck the wound (and find out a way to make you keep pulsing... because it has to be artificial, i can't just keep you alive... i have to be in charge of your heartbeat)
I hate me(n).
I'm going les.

Pandemonium_of_the_bete_noire said...

you must forget the song of the gold bird dancing over tossed like;
you must remember nothing except the drag of darkness that draws your weakness under.

To go by the way he went you must find beneath you that last and faceless pool, and fall. And falling find between breath and death the sun by which you live.

The humans of the past and the humans of the future will live and die alike eachother, for all the old souls go through our physical beings in our great hour glass, where birth is painful and rebirth is painless... You already understand why because you've lived and died a thousand times before.
And all and all in endless breath you'll live and die forever more.