Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Magic Numbers

Energy caught, outside of time, so over controlled-
I am losing my mind.
What is required, what must I do, are you for real?
Can you take me with you?

This is the force of life, 7300 kilo-calories per mole; of pure unadulterated energy
What are you doing right now?
taking notes? crossing your legs? coughing? digesting your food? listening to your voice mail? when the professor is lecturing, every aspect of the human body.


I sleep with a ball-peen hammer. Or at least, there's one in my bed. I haven't actually slept in four days; every time I feel myself blink for more then a few seconds I go to my sock drawer and wash down a handful of vasopressin, piracetam, anhydous caffeine and a little octopamine with a glass of grapefruit juice.

I am going to kick open the skull of society and jack off boiling poisonous truth directly into its brain even if it kills me.


madhattersyndrome said...

Pssshhhhhhht, good luck with THAT!

madhattersyndrome said...

Oh dear, a case of mistaken identity.
No, I am certainly not Angie.
Yes, I am somewhat Ferret, to a extent.