Friday, August 21, 2009

i don't think i take enough time to acknowledge

the people in my life other then myself and those who hurt me.

I just wanted to say how much I love Jimmeh and Sam, I just had the best night out with them. They're people who I've been friends with, tripping with, partying with for about two years now and they've always been here for me when I needed it. They're also probably the two people who've been reading my blog regularly the longest.

Jamie - You're the best; man - You're somebody i can talk to about music, games, drugs, computers... Almost anything. We need to have a LAN somtime, and i hope your traineeship stays going as well as it did your first week

Sam - Love you so much doll; you're such fun to party with and i can always count on you to make jamie wait around while we have a cigarette :) Love your new hair; you know how I feel about scene girls ^^ -melts-

don't ever go anywhere guys; and don't eve hesitate to ask if you ever need anything.

fucking ecstasy making me all mushy and woman feelings.


N.R said...

that's so lovey dovey i think you should clean your pantyhose.

I'm gonna go have some car accidents.
Delete this comment if you see me on the news.

N.R said...

Doc, THAT I'd accept as an excuse ANY mush you deem appropriate.