Thursday, August 13, 2009

this is my soapbox

i can feel current backed up in the diodes down my left-hand side

silicone popping, mucles twitching in the shortcircuit fury - signals, sparks in my eyes flickering to the music

sine waves trace on the far side of my brain

i am wired incorrectly

waking state. Dream world? real noise

the deviant flux lines of my reality skew my already fundemantelly skewed
sliver of broken needle

floating in a magnetic moral puddle

of indignation


and bitter, ugly ego duels.

1 comment:

N.R said...

*scrub* *scrub*
soap to kee-eep the body clean

BecAUz Its Gettin' Reeel FilFyee een here Bluud.

I have to thank you so much.
I'm laaaaaarv-ing it.

I'll shout you a beer next time we drink beer ( LOLwhen(0.0)?! ).

who's giving you an ego-duel?
They'b a fauxy fellow t'do that!