Tuesday, August 25, 2009

if you want to say something to my face

please do so.

additionally: if I no longer write about the colour in my life; it's because it had long since bled out and left grey; ragged cloth where the emporer's silk once wrapped my memory

and shielded it from the cold and bitter wind that now creeps about my mind.


N.R said...

i did
don't be naive, i left the message where it was best read.

and that's all, I've said all i wanted/needed, I'm not omitting anything, or harbouring any ill will.

If you have anything you'd like to say, i invite you to do so freely.

Crtl Alt Fail said...

Being cryptic is all fun but saying things to peoples faces is so much better, you get to watch firsthand the look on their face when you have actually taken them down a peg or two.
hapenita was the word verification code.