Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm sick of all you narrowminded racist cunts.

If you honestly consider that some random slice of genetic encoding which primarily affects a) melanin count

and b) the presence or lack of an epicanthic structure

has ANYTHING to do with an individuals intelligence or worth as a human being

then you need to shoot yourself right in the fucking face and stop diluting all the worthwhile sperm (i.e, mine) from fertilising your girlfriend's ova.

Race is irrelevant.

culture, on the other hand...

There are a lot of foreign countries who bring up their children to me narrow minded unimagianative religious zealots; or in ethnic subcentres (particualrly in western cities) aka 'ghettos' that teach kids that yeah, it's all good to fucking bottle that cunt with an empty 40oz so you can buy some dope with his lunch money.

he wasn't showin you RESPECK, FOO'.

Where am i going with this?

Your RACE is irrelevant. Your CULTURE is the problem. Your RELIGION is the problem.

Don't hate on someone for being black; hate on them for being a nigger.

know what I'm saying?

if you are an african american, productive member of society who behaves rationally and within the grounds of moral law (i.e; you don't know around raping and shooting everyone you see) then we have no problem.

if you are a nigger who likes to wear four troy ounces of fake gold around his neck and carry a glock concealed in his anal sphincter

then you should probably also be shot so i can cotninue fucking your girlfriend as well.

discuss: the implications of race vs religion, perception and association. if you are a man of middle-eastern descent, are you a muslim? Do you beat your wife and haet democracy and apple pie and the white woman's freedom?

i don't know, go ask them yourself.


Mollyfox. said...

I'm not even going to dignify this with the responce i raged out i my head....
I dont know why your turning into this

N.R said...

turning into... what?

I do think this should probably be on gaia...

but it's a worthy discussion.
For some other people to have.
The new psyentist circle generally holds the same exact view that it's culture not race, and that religion impedes progress.

So I'm just going to say this;

Paranoid Android said...

Amen sister.

It's not black people, aboriginals, muslims, jews, asians or indians I have a problem with.
It's the people who actually fit the shitty stereotypes.

Goes the same for white people.
I have no problem with derroes, I have a problem with stupid cunts who will roll you for $20 and a pack of cigarettes and go to doofs to pick fights.

Unfortunately it just so happens [especially with aboriginals] that a lot of people fit the stereotype that's been created for them.

Although, I absolutely hate most people. It's not racism.

But then, I do really like the word nigger.

Miss Bailey said...

agreed 100%. I am probably the least racist person I know... but walking in front of a group of drunk, underage aboriginals who use the word 'cunt' like it's going out of fashion scare the fuck out of me... and I'm sick of pretending they don't... However, nice sweet aboriginals that are kinder to me when I do promo than most white folk make me happy and I am not scared of them in the least. It's about people. I hate people, not colour... and I suppose that culture and religion are the reasons that people turn out the way they do. I dislike religion because it starts wars, and anger and teaches kids often questionable morals... like that women are there for babies and cooking. I AM NO BABY OVEN! A lot of people would disagree with me, but look at Christians picketing gay peoples funerals saying that they deserved to die? Or people dying of AIDs saying they must be gay and deserved it? What is that shit? It spreads hate ... and that disgusts me. That disgusts me a hell of a lot more than the colour of someones skin. =]