Monday, August 31, 2009

Every time I take ecstasy I come out of it a little bit moar gay... :/

such is the burden of cheap love and abundant cuddles; c'est la vie

good mdma has been hard to come by the past year but it's really flooding the streets now - the vibes are up and the beats dropped

between friday night and sunday morning I got through about 8,000ug of good acid, a gram and a half of coke and ten beige euros - The the end of that I was so fucking mashed I could barely mix; and for a brief period was convinced I had developed magical powers. Two close friends and two epic fucking parties; and a couple of important lessons:

1. Coke ain't worth the price
2. Never leave the decks unattended
3. I am a drug god, worship and fuck me

I am now closer with several people then I ever thought possible - The wonderful Miss bailey and the Vision of innocence Anastasia - Not to mention taking the time to explore who I really in in greater depth with Jimmy and Sam. I am yet again reminded at how much better off the world would be if, instead of (what I estimate to be) roughly 40% of the population going out on a friday night, getting drunk and looking for a rumble; they stayed home or went to a friend's place with a little clean acid, or ecstasy, or just some mull. Think of the savings in medical support from the government - How much cash is poured into hospitals to deal with alcohol-related injuries every year?

Srsly, put down the goon and buy some pills. The worst you'll ever really do while eccied up is maybe strip naked and start grinding onto a lightpole - Embarassing, but hardly fatal.

select frequency;
direct subsonic basswave tightbeam to the spleen
the drug persephone, step up and roll with me
pancreatic symphony in endocrine harmony


Crtl Alt Fail said...

I was a good night, needed to be warmer & a few more savory people there

Paranoid Android said...

Put down the goon.
Pick up the red wine and a straw ;)

Miss Bailey said...

YAY! ME! I did have as fantastic time and you made that possible. If you hadn't been there I think I would have broken. Josha is the greatest thing to look at while tripping ever. She's just so... pure? It's the pretty pale white skin and the contours of her face and those amazing big blue eyes... I was enthralled.
ANNNNYWAYYY... I owe you money. And Jimmeh and Sam money.
But now I have to figure out how to get it to all of you. =/