Thursday, December 3, 2009


"... No one will believe you!"

"I hoped you would..."

How many of us lie prisoner to our own minds - Jackbooted uncertainty and social paranoia stamping dreams flat, crippling us, condemning our entire existence to the mundane and certain - the 'safe' choice. Fuck your conventions. Never again will I let fear run my life.

My life is driven by the pursuit of one-ness and contentment - Zen hedonism through euphoria and misery, a dichotomy and contrast equilibrium of come up, come down and dance around.

I identify three primary conduits of positive energy in my life - And no, I'm not going batshit chi crystal crazy on you - I just mean a net force of change and directed focus in my chosen pursuits.


the unity and mastery of these three factors is my goal - to be able to totally and utterly know where I stand with someone, to be wired to a subwoofer and pump wave after wave of pure stomp doof out of my eyes, and to be able to derive the intricate chemical mechanisms which can aid be in these tasks - enactogens, empathogens, traditional psychedelics...

humanity is in the details. and through this multifacet scanner, I shall see clearer then any man has ever dreamt of.

"None of this is real... What is real is you have a drug problem! You overdosed on heroin!"


Nooor said...


stupid noob said...

Fucking sexy.

kixxy said...

i miss you so much.

L-//pSy'Deffect-25 said...

It's funny to see how many people have the same problems, i am always thinking am i this aware of my conscious being because of drugs or have i always been like this, I think about the way my life was and how it is now how i change and how people change, and it brings me down most of the time, then i stop looking at all the down sides to what has happened and the good side, thepast twomonthsaof my life have been the most hectic,brutal and inspiring, i have learned more about the people i know and people in general. You are likemein manyways doc,you put on a smile when people are out ur great to be around and your way to nice to people you really shouldn't be nice to, and then when no ones around you stuck with yourself andwho you are is some one you don't like, its easy to seeother peoples flaws but even easier to see your own and some timesto needto be hard on yourself instead of taking the easy way out, dont anyone get me wrong im not preaching i know these things and i TRY and do them but it doesnt always work. when you find out how to control your own mind let me know and remember everything happens for a reason you just gotta hold out long enough for that reason to become clear.

<3 sonic