Saturday, December 5, 2009

heart shaped scar

Truly i marvel at the power of these chemicals we so casually toy with. A pile of powder that could fit on my thumbnail, would be enough to send a hundred men mad for life. A little stamped tablet, half the size of a cigarette filter - Inspires laughter, love and imagination in a world of despair and regret.

but more then i marvel at the drugs, i marvel at the boundless incredibilities of the people I surround myself with. each and every person's different reactions, their own unique psychopharmacological profile and complex warm spectrum of emotion and vocal presence...

brilliant, blissful moments of truth and genuine wonder.

i love my friends.

i love ecstasy.

i love life.

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Pandemonium_of_the_bete_noire said...

was this blog written whilst pilling by any chance? Haha,
It's so interesting to come home to blogger after about a week or two, and read your fluctuations between holding onto sanity, raging at everyone's lack of sanity, and then you always seem to find something you can hold on too, something that makes all the other turmoil seem okay.

Always, always, always, the wheels and cogs of life turn... Full circle everything must come, and it's awesome to see that things become simpler after that phase of upsidedown-ness.