Monday, December 7, 2009

When the going get wierd...

Well, my ticket for Rainbow Serpent 2010 has been purchased and is currently winging it's way throguh the mail system, express platinum delivery. So it should be here by tomorrow or the day after. To celebrate, I went out and bought a new CD hardcase (clamshell black like my old one, but about twice the capacity) and some blank CDs, so I've spent the past 24 hours reorganising my colelction into DARK - FULLON - PROG - MISC sections and downloading or burning as much brutal new tunes as I can find.

Over in melbourne there's a gig waiting for me, drugs of the highest calibre and a position at an audio school for a course in Ableton production and performance.

All I need now is to stay out of jail, and make sure I've got the money to get me there.

This is where it all gets real.

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stupid noob said...

Ableton is the shit. I got to see a friend of mine play with his new APC40 for about 6 hours it was fucking AWESOME.