Wednesday, December 23, 2009

who am i?

somebody asked me that today; and i found myself at a total loss for a coherent answer that really gave you the whole picture - so i'm going to try now. feel free to give me feedback and suggestions for additions or removals.

i'm a freelance journalist and musician with a taste for sadomasochism, firearms and exotic narcotics. i smoke too much, speak too loudly and fuck too little. the only thing i hate more then myself is almost everybody around me; but I cannot turn down a good party. music is a massive part of my life - aside from producing and mixing psychedelic trance i draw massive personal influence and direction from the gigsbytes of pirated tunes clusterfucking my hard drive.

I have the standards of a drunk new yorker in thailand, and the morals of the bar staff serving him. I am a developing amphetamine addict, former member of the armed forces and I touch up nuns to even the score with the catholic church.

I'll babysit your kids for the price of a bottle of gin and a handful of seconal.

be my friend?

be my friend?


Nooor said...
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Nooor said...

You remind me of the main character in Catch 22*


paradox said...

Everytime i think i have improved in my writing i go over yours and have a crash course in humility ........i miss the beatings both mental and physical