Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What DAW is right for you?

FL is for n00bs.
GarageBand is for n00bs with Macs.
Logic is for the wealthy elite. And nobody likes the wealthy elite.
Sonar is for people who want Cubase, but can't find a torrent for it.
Cubase is for people who want Sonar, but also want people to know they paid for it.
ProTools is for studio snobs.
ReNoise is for people afraid to abandon old technology.
Live is for DJ's who think they can produce.
Acid is for people too lazy to learn anything else.
Reaper is for poor people. (after 30 days it's for poor people who like stealing software)
Reason is for people who refuse to think outside the box.
Energy XT is for people who aren't hung up on making "good music".
Microsoft Sound Recorder is's pretty awesome actually.

in other news, you ALL need to go check out THE MOLLUSK and buy his latest record... off the chains organic semisynthetic CHUNK AND FUNK fresh out of melbourne. sticky and sloppy bass with wireline synths and biorhythmic syncopation. DIG YA HEELS IN AND BOOGIE

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