Wednesday, December 23, 2009

red rover; blue falcon

they say love is blind, but i think it just keeps overlooking me deliberately.

do i exist? please prove to me i'm real

surely you know what i mean - you spend enough time walking away from someone or watching them walk away from you that you start to question that this isn't just the mad fantasy of an emotional sadist with a typewriter and a head full of bad acid?

a sick parody, a weird pageant of heartbreak and disappointment.

you start to ask yourself; no way could this be chance - but you know you don't deserve it, so there's no logical reason for all the heartwrench and gutclench.

you look real - lonely, but real.

i just wanted to try and connect with a pixel ghost - someone i know nothing about except a picture, and see what came out of the datastream.

one way or another this will answer my questions.

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