Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Great Shark Hunt

I cannot, for the life of me, understand why i tolerated this for so long. I am a psyentist. I approach my world with open arms and open mind, but I do not subscribe to baseless specualation, I do not act on whims and them blame it on fate. To play games with the heart is the domain of children, and to then patronise those you toy with - As if they somehow cannot comprehend the mysterious workings of your god - Is downright insulting.

I never have been content to spend my life working in a tireless, thankless, meaningless job, nor to fill my lungs with cone after lungwrenching cone of greenish cannabinoid haze - I've always hough of myself as something of a social shark. Not in the predatory, hidden-fear kinda way, not because I feel like I have ice hiding in my pupils and you can see the colour of space somewhere behind them - But because I need to keep moving or I will die. Stagnation and complacemency is the bane of evolution - When you are happy you want to stay happy. You will not want to change anything, to explore your life.

I revel in this misery, as I force the future across my gills.

I have reached astonishing clarity in my life, though a mindbending combination of megadosing certain water-soluble vitamins, intelligence enhancers, neurotransmitter analogues and essential amino acids. Also a large amount of amphetamines.

I can't be too angry, really. Humans will be so painfully human, and children will be so painfully childish. I can't let myself get caught up, dragged down and torn to pieces in the feeding frenzy.

I embrace love, and light, and colour. I know what these words mean. I breathe deep and seek peace, I smoke until my throat bleeds and drop capsule after capsule of exotic enzyme modulators, the kind of things the military experimented with for a while until it was determined that they were irreversibly searing the corpus callosum of their test subjects - But, I feel, that with the appropriate neuroprotective regimen of antioxidants and biogenic polyphenols, such as I am presently undertaking, I should be more then fine.

I can feel the subwoofer in my chest, keeping the beat while the thereman in my frontal lobe warps time and space.

I can taste my thoughts.

Bring me the party. Throw me a bone. Get on board the almighty steamboat as we chug merrily towards oblivion.

In a week or two, once I can see how this regimen is going to treat me, I think I shall start dabbling in megadose psychedelics, just for funsies. About twenty-two hundred mikes should be a good start, probably with some cimetidine and harmala alkaloids. A little magnesium to taste and with any luck, I should be able to see through time.

Long live the istigkeit!


L-//pSy'Deffect-25 said...


Crtl Alt Fail said...

very well said, I agree totally on having to keep moving. Standing around in stagnant an environment waiting for something to happen is really quite pathetic.

The Only Left.

We need to regroup;

"I revel in this misery, as I force the future across my gills."

new Psyentist motto ?
Is now.

Oh and, Lpsydeffect - What's going on there?
a) even though my opinion on the matter is currently thoroughly encrypted, i will say that waving your doctor off goodbye is completely UNscientific.
b) furthermore, while i'm too far away and know you too well to bother publicly stating said opinion, in light of this display, I expect you to turn in your official Helmet within 5 working days.

(I'd much rather a briefing room right now than a comment pane, by the way. Don't you agree Doc?)

L-//pSy'Deffect-25 said...

doctor? doctor of malpractice

Headless Insanity said...

Well said.