Sunday, May 31, 2009

Collected Writings - 01

This begins a short series of spacefiller blog entries where I dig through my old deviantart and notebooks and dig up some f my older creative works. I haven't written poetry in quite some time. I really should again.

"Poe M"

once upon a midnight dreary
walked a man who, worn and weary
stopped and smiled
with the moon above

weeks ago he, drunk and bleary
left his heart with a girl named mary
she took him in
and made a fool of love

neath his tongue the fruit of leary
he waits, debating quantum theory
hoping one day
his words she will be proud of


"Renaissance Men"

the condemned man
asked for a cigarette
denied the blindfold
and stared down the firing squad

the damned man
took off his trousers
used his belt to bind his daughter
and fucked a pathto hell

the lost man
sat in the cubicle
loosened his tie
looked out his window
and dove into the sun


"City Life"

ikiss your concrete cheek
and grip your rusted bone
slick the coal ash
from your tarmac skin
taste the diesel tears
on your glass eyes
brush your razor hair
and fuck your sweaty sky
i can hear the parasites
they lurk and creep
in your gritty corner aisles
my city sleeps
i lay beside her
and quietly, I cry.


Just.A.Little.Archangel said...

You really should again.

Snowflake Obsidian said...

They were all great but the last one was my favorite.

The Only Left.

We need to regroup;

under the gun, under the gun, i'm swimming through the sun...
and i ain't trippin' on a thing