Sunday, May 31, 2009

Collected Writings - 04


i play/i hunt
i laugh/i rage
i write/i kill
i feel/i deny
i sleep/i scream
i dream/i rot
i skin/i fur
i live/i die



gold-leaf moth wings watch them flutter - so fragile
touch it (touch her)
the surface flakes away
she (he) cannot stray far
cannot stay on course
disturbed wings cannot support
brushing the mantle
dodged the flames for ten minutes
then touches - ends
narrowly avoiding contact


"Phucked Up"

The girl in the photograph
Never knew what hit her
Had never heard of benzene
or polystyrene
Had never thought that
One day, her world would be ashes
Had never tasted burning hair, meat, and rubber
Before today
And never knew herself
Until the shutter snapped for a instant
Frozen fire
And then, everybody knew her.


"Two Acetyl Groups doth not a Killer make"

Saline with pheno-barbital
Intravenous pentothal
Shots of grain Alcohol
All to inhibitons quell
The new religion hydrolysed
To time-release the terrorised
Their prescriptions subsidised
So they won't think to open eyes
Running with diazepam
From factories in Pakistan
Methadone, Mirtazapine
To keep you home, to keep you clean
The wild child of thalidomide
Fluoxetine for the times you tried
To end your life, to end your strife
With ibuprofen, china white
Birch reduction turns the pill
That treats the cold, and minor ills
To “killer dope” - Please check his file!
Hypocritic Oath reeks of denial
This is the drug to focus child!
A pill for itch, a pill for scratch
- But they have yet to trace the batch
That caused those growths inside the rats
Insufflated, sublingual youth
All the toys of poisoned youth
Taken with food (three times a day)
Oh, god bless the FDA.

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