Sunday, May 31, 2009

Collected Writings - 03

"Weeping Wheel"

Final night
I see the stars
Suprising, for the noise of cars
And highways lit by iron light

Silent dark so broken now
By cries remiss of shotgunned cows
What is this truth? I doubt it's real
Fall asleep to stealer's wheel

I know that when I wake I'll weep
I wish i had some fucking weed.


"Chi'ins Begets"

Roam the streets
Of green and gold
Till blood runs thick
And wind blows cold
The simple things
like fish and chips
A buttered ring
A sheet of trips
To make you sing
A quiet trick
To turn or two
My brain is slick
My aim is true
The city lights are coming down
With muddy tweak and reptile frown
I cannot speak to save my soul
Ketamine begets my hole


"Finite Incantantum"

The solvent cunt
The gasoline
The bloody shirt
The muffled scream
The dripping skirt
The sodden rag
The deepest cut
The burning flag
I cannot taste my copper tongue
This party isn't very fun
The iron tooth
The keratin
I'd rather die
Then live in sin
Of burning truth
Considerate art
The lights are cut
And so it starts

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