Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A warped sense of satisfaction

Reflexive psychology creates a cyberstatic equilibrium - We are the Sprawl.

Denoting emotion with word is useless, feelings surge and rush like data, like blood - Like light on a grey pavement. Puddles of truth that you can see yourself in - At least, you hope that's you. And it's not something on the other side staring back.

What is bitterness? The finality, the frustration, the resentment of being passed over? irrelevant. Recompense. Relax. Evolve and understand - You are the neon chrysanthemum, the terrible red wash that swoops through the world at the speed of dark. You are the harbringer of peace and the foreshadow of destruction. You are... You.

Evolve. Force this evolution. Get past the pettiness - Present the truth and allow those who need it to be happy together. Your tendons are meat, mine are steel - My teeth are ferrocerium and my brain is hardwired. I am above this and I won't be decieved again.

I see the world through a constantly rotating prism, the full spectrum of pain and light played out on the wall I face, every morning when I wake up. The sun always rises at the same angle but the diffraction patterns tell me, every morning, that something has changed and evolved. I watch ribbons of light curling out of my fingertips as I taste lysergic chaos sweeping into my synapses, melting into every neural pore.

Electrify your senses. Overclock your soul. Stick your goddamn in this metaphysical light socket we call psychedelia and let your spirit blossom. Transcend your mortal bounds - Find your frequency. Harmonise. Revel in the beauty you create but never let the flashing neo-Tokyo arcade games and empty syringes distract you from the details. God is in the details.  The problem, and the solution, is in the details.

Wander freely - Stay untethered and keep your head above the emotional plimsoll line. Cut the flux lines and drop the bullshit - Welcome to the future.

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stupid noob said...

Don't let this harden your heart.