Thursday, July 30, 2009

4, 3, 2, 1 - Go out fighting

embracing digitoxin - with a APC power streak
fuck me dead, freestyling in bed.

little boy blue gotta have that beat
gotta roll gotta dance gotta move his feet
tongue hate the word, lash a whip breaker
but he call hisself a raver
and little girl pink was an ex princess
pretty glow pretty shoes pretty puke
on her pretty pink dress
pretty slow to recognise
the pipez in his eyes
but the beat in his heart
beat true
so little boy blue and the pink princess
danced alone in a warehouse despite the mess
of a hundred fucked kids of the night
rain, hail snow sleet shine and glow
emotions so real smoke wet and smoke slow
gotta move with the flow
roll with the blows like yo' creased with crisco
take you pedal off the floor, you ain't got to go
and just chill to the sound of the L-F-O
wrapped/rapt by the claws that grab
snap your fingers, clap your hands
never surrender to the man's demands
cos the man make money money
never give it to the woman
gotta make you love me, honey
and i gotta keep on trippin

these fools think my skill is slippin.

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