Friday, July 3, 2009


the grave membrane, I find myself wrapped in it once again

a bitter, cold sheet, like thin silk dipped in hot wax. Every movement sheds flakes, leaving a trail across the dance floor - mud, wax and ash. grind it between your toes, you can feel it squirming.

it's like walking in someone's stomach.

i don't know how long I've been trying to hide behind the veil, but the witch-birds that circle overhead, swooping and clawing at my hair with leatherscaled talons, theyc an see through it - I sometimes feel like the whole world can. like gossamer, fine fishnet that doesn't actually hide you from anyone's eyes, you can see the whore of babylon's nipples bouncing in the ultraviolet illumination of the warehouse rave, evil incarnate on the dancefloor.

you can see the eyes of a child staring form an old man's skull, forgetting for a moment the horrors of his live, now leaving.

you can see the porcelain skin of the doll, and the velvet tone of her cheeks as the fabric clings to her.

i feel suffocated. I can see out, they can see in, this veil does nothing to hide me, nor to keep me warm, but I can as little tear free from it as I could ascend to the stars.

pinned. the universe stands above me - "This will hurt, because you have hurt others before."

my arms are numb. my legs limp. I can only scream, and I don't even know if anyone can hear me. i know now, this is no veil I wrap myself in. I thought for a moment it was a shroud, and I lay on the cross, but no

its a chrysalis

i lay in hex, frozen in time, molten form dripping through the cracks in this dimension as kaleidoscope enzymes dissolve my fleshform

life is the preparation for the transition to another dimension, and the path will not be easy. it will hurt - i know it will, because they told me so.

i'm ready to hurt.

cut the threads, let me fall.

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