Wednesday, July 22, 2009

north korea will never nuke the US, quit bitching

Even if they managed to get a couple of missiles off, odds are they would be intercepted by the united state's ridiculous anti-missile budget

like, obama would stand on the giant pile of money they invested in missile defence

and swat nukes out of the sky with a club made of $100 bills.

and about fifteen seconds later korea would be converted to a fine puddle of radiactive glass and ash while every member of the united state's armed forces masturbated to the sight of a midnight sunrise over the ocean and the smell of the world's biggest Korean barbecue restaurant opening on the trans-asian shelf.

if Kim Jong Il actually gave the order to FIRE ZE MISSILES, one of his top generals would be like "What the fuck? The US is going to annihilate us. I enjoy beating up faggots and yoga teachers and molesting my kids WAYYYY too much to let this troll baby get us all killed' and fucking bust a cap in his ass.

and that's why nuclear profileration works. MAD, motherfuckers.