Thursday, July 2, 2009

Going insane.

I need something to fucking do.

I need to get my license so I can go out whenever I feel like it and not have to rely on the fucking bus, which means I can only leave the house bwteeen the hours of eight am and nine pm without the aid of some external mode of transport, like a hot-air balloon or a friend with a car.

I need people who, when they say they'r going to come round and stay over, to actually do so, so that I don't blow off other plans for them and then wind up sitting at home alone again

I need chemistry to behave the way it's supposed to, and I need to not sleep in for so long that by the time I got my equipment unpacked I'd have to pack i all up again so the house is clean before my parents get home from work.

I need the people who owe me money to get it to me and to be FUCKING CONTACTABLE so I can stick to deadlines that I make with the people I owe money to.

I hate everything right about now. I'm stagnating, suffocating, and grilling out in leaps, loops and wells of self-pity.

I have nobody left to turn to. I don't even know if I would, if they were here. All i do is smoke, sleep, and check my email every fifteen minutes.

Fuck perth, I need to GET OUT OF HERE.


Snowflake Obsidian said...

Fuck Perth indeed. This place is pretty shit.

stupid noob said...

Fuck australia. That's right, I didn't capitalize it. lol

N.R said...

john, you must run. they're right behind you
run run run, run to Degobah,

run rabbit run

Mollyfox. said...

There was once a girl who took a knife the heart. Just because she was wounded didnt mean she wasn't around.