Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fuck your favourite DJ.

At the first moment I'm not recording.

I'm not on tour and I've never had a song go to number one on Beatport

I've never been featured on Juno Download or Track it Down, I've never released twice, but what I do know is that I've been listening to electronica for many years and I have every right to speak my mind against the fabricated music that is being released on a daily basis.

It's absolutely appalling!

All these people think that if you're on the Beatport Top Ten you're making something out of yourself, well you're making a mockery out of electronic music.

I'm a producer and I come from the underground and I'm... Quite frankly, I'm sick and tired and I'm here to go on these rants on message boards because I know I will never amount to anything and I need to make myself feel better.

So when I'm not high on cocaine, I will sit in front of this computer 'till the cows come home and continue ranting and raving about artists that are actually living out their dream.

'cause I never wïll.

I actually rather like Deadmau5

but the fact remains that when I go out to a club i hear nothing but the same boring fucking mainstream electronic music

to be perfectly frank, most of the shit I listen to and play (I actually am a DJ and producer) is quite underground, indie psychedelic trance and that kinda shit, and I don't expect to hear it at a club

but I'd still like to hear something at least a little bit fucking new or interesting - is that so much to ask for?

like, I get it - Deadmau5, Armin van Buren, Underworld, etc... They're good artists. For sure. But even when i'm playing at parties or clubs full of preps, normals and people would would never in their LIFE have heard of somebody like Shpongle, or Paranormal Attack, or Switch... It's still fucking good music and the crowd fucking loves it

so why does nobody play it out and about?

dear world: Do you only dance to songs that you know? or are you just about a good beat?



Crtl Alt Fail said...

I agree with you.
"top of the chart" music is a joke. Its not just dance music either, it all music.
i want to know, who's dick do you suck to get number one, because it differently isn't number one for being good.

N.R said...

to be number 1 in 'mainstream music'
you suck the majority of people's dicks.

I may be big mouthed, but that doesn't mean I'm interested.

I wouldn't bother stressin' about what clubs are doing - i'm rarely in one anyway... and if i am, it's cos i'm DRUNK, not high, so I'm already ashamed anyway.