Thursday, September 3, 2009

bassn e c t a r :: [dripping__down your//chin]

squeeze my subwoofer baby, juice runs down my legs
it's like fucking a mango hooked up to a car battery
sitting the deck of an aicraft carrier with a cruise missile
strapped to your spinal cord
smell the jet fuel, taste the anti-fouling paint
corrosion rivet rust
and a twist of gunmetal time

i find that life became a whole lot easier when I came to the crumbling realisation that god has forgotten about us. We were the sea monkeys he got for his twelfth birthday, put on a shelf, fed twice and then tried to ignore once we invented the AK-47 and started butchering each other

once the sound of gunfire and anthrax cluster bomblets got too much to bear he put us in his drawer and hosed the whole thing with raid - but that's still a few years yet to come

20/20 hindsight; an audible precession of the future through some kind of grave pandimensional prism - split infinities boldy splashed in visible spectra on the fabric of reality, my mind playing out the same scene, stuck in the groove, stuck in the groove...

needle to wax, to flesh, to bone... tattoo ink and veinline black, spiderwrapped and cinched tight like a tourniquet... words are bonds and molecules a poem... and they reverberate in my ears for years to come, my eyes burn like I've been staring at the sunnn....


N.R said...

shit, I'm speechless.
[verification code was 'axedie'!]

k8 said...

Text and rhythm perfectly melded - you string words and thoughts together with such graceful facility, it makes me ache to crack open your skull and see how it works.