Saturday, September 5, 2009

in a world of predators, the lion doesn't fear the jackal

i like acid because it's challenging.

it's electric, fluid dynamic in colour and the warped gelpane that slithers up and down

melting into the cracks of your brain, filling your every neuropore and synaptic follice

that drives and builds, teaches and sings

a many-eyed song

of unimaginible fidelity

and harmony

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Miss Bailey said...

I am on acid righhhttt now.
It sucks because it's not given me any visuals... or even a good feeling. I feel gross. =/ But, I agree with you, on the challenging thing.
It's funny cause I've noticed something about my tripping. The only time I truely 'tripped' being the time I didn't have control.... the rest of the time, I HAD control... I PLAYED with my visuals... I made them what I wanted. But at Tyrans, I couldn't do that.

Yeah, lol....

Hows you? ^^