Tuesday, September 8, 2009


a recent experiment of mine has come to, if you will pardon the pun, 'fruition'

equipped with a sadistic genius and a bioengineering lab to put most universities to shame

naga jolokia chilli peppers were expressed with fn-556 genes taken from psilocybe subcubensis in order to develop phosphorylating tryptophanic enzymes in the inner flesh

by then growing these peppers in a semi-hydroponic set-up containing ground argyreia nervosa inner mill substrate and polyurethane husks and the appropriate nutrient constitute

we are given violently red chilli peppers with a scoville heat rating of approximately 900,000 (approximately ten times as spicy as nandos 'extra hot' piri piri) that also contain approximately 78mg/g of pure psilocybin...

ladies and gentleman - we have now developed the guatemalan insanity pepper. if the plants hold out I will be growing these in bulk and preparing them for sale online.


k8 said...

Holy shit! Those sound brutal!

Miss Bailey said...


Paranoid Android said...

God damnnn.
Curry cook up timeeee.

N.R said...

I'll have a Tall, with 3 sugars, a shot of hazelnut, and soy milk.
I'm on a diet.