Monday, September 21, 2009

earthdance incoming

like the sound of a great sheet of paper, wide as a city block, slowly settling towards the ground

comes one of the biggest parties this year, three days of psy bliss and ground pounding

so far i have:

100 drops california silver acid
20 drops cali sunshine acid
50 mandala tabs (approx 75ug each, very clean)
10 C.O.S.M tabs (approx 2.5mg DOI each)
10 st albert tabs (approx 100ug each)
5 crop circle tabs (approx 50ug each)
1g pure s-isomer ketamine (usp grade xtal)
2g lovely yellow DMT

i'm planning to eat all the sunshine acid, probably the cosms, at slberts and the crop circles

most of the k

and a little bit of the dmt

it's going to be one hell of a weekend. pictures promised.


Anonymous said...

oh god i'm so, so jealous

Jim, Faust said...

hey cool!

Miss Bailey said...

when you get back, we should hang out and take what you still have... with Joshua of course.

I have 1 cube and a tab left.

Joshua doesn't do acid but I'm sure you could convince him... challenge his man hood... he has a huge ego. =P