Sunday, September 6, 2009

china grey dawn, black mexican sunset

deposition rhythm, re-written. sidetracked by the inevitable, and railroaded by the pettiness of selfish men

whose eyes lied? and what's in the money? i stare with childlike wonder as people shout and scream, bay for blood and throw their credit cards at the television

it's electric, this feeling of submissive superiority - A warm voiced, ambergris answer to the quiet murmurs of dissent at petrol prices and how late the pizza guy was.

"i can be better then you because I don't care..."

where does it all go? cashflow, into the crook of your elbow - hundred dollars buys an armful, cheaper then a girlfriend and more reliable.

i guess what i'm really trying to say is that if you're finding society hard to deal with then heroin is a pretty good alternative to consider.

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Miss Bailey said...

I doooo but I'm never on there. =/ it's

maybe I'll come online specially for you.

OH.MY.GOD... how much does this remind you of Josha?